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District 6880 has adopted a program that will provide water to schools and villages in Zambia. This is a great opportunity for our district to truly make the gift of life, WATER available to hundreds of thousands of people in Zambia. In this project, our well will provide the gift of life to a village and a school of about 800 which is significant.

With this project, we have embarked on putting one water well in a village in the African nation of Zambia in 2019. The cost for project is $8000. That includes Sanitation & Hygiene education, drilling the well, pump-repair training and tools, and Monitoring & Evaluation for at least a few years until the village is set up to maintain the water point long into the future.

This project is different than other water well projects as this is a contract with a nonprofit organization to run the program for our district. Choose Water is a Non-Profit organization based in Montgomery AL with offices throughout Zambia. They have been in this business for the past 5 years and have an excellent track record.



The district well project will begin November 1, contributions must be received No Later Than October 1, 2019 for participation in this well. Funds permitting a second well project will be started in May 2020. Checks for that project must be received No Later Than March 15th, 2020.

Any club that would like to be part of this endeavor can do so with a contribution as little as $250.00 (clubs under 25 in membership), $500.00 for clubs greater than 26 members.

If you are interested in participating, and for more information on Chooses Water, check out

For the clubs that want to sponsor a whole village, this is what a village page looks like : It has a video of the village's story, pictures, GPS coordinates, and other information about the village.

For additional information contact, DG Skip.

Online brochure here: