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Rotary District 6880
Club Bulletin Award
Nomination Form

Deadline - All submissions, electronic or paper must be made received by March 8, 2019.

The Club Bulletin Award is given annually to a small, a medium, and a large size club with the best rated club bulletin. Awards will be presented for both paper and electronic newsletters. Clubs may apply for an award in only one format. Selection is determined by evaluating three paper or electronic club bulletins, dated at least 5 weeks apart, based on the following criteria:

SELECTION CRITERIA: (Sample bulletins must be dated no less than 5 weeks apart)

1. Information about the club (service projects, member news and recognitions, budgets, etc. 30%

2. Information about past, current, and upcoming programs and speakers of the club. 20%

3. Information about Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation. 20%

4. Information about activities of the district, including items from the District Governor's Newsletter. 10%

5. Appearance - attractiveness, formatted so that it is easy to read and easily understood. 10%

6. Other - community news, anecdotes, inspiration, humor, etc. 10%

Total 100%

Submit three editions, in electronic form, of your bulletin.

Attach electronic bulletin copies to this form.

In the event you cannot successfully attach the bulletin or have any other problem, please contact the Chairperson of the District Awards Committee. The Chair's contact information may be found by logging into, click "Committees" and then click "View" to the right of the entry "District Leadership Team," and then click on District Awards Chair.


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