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Paul Harris Society

099_061) The Paul Harris Society pledge is for a gift of $1000 a year. Club Foundation points may not be used to fund the PHS pledge. The full $1000 must be paid during the Rotary year (by June 30) though it need not be done in one check. You may pay in installments. Please indicate on your commitment pledge form if you will pay in installments.

2) You don't have to be a Paul Harris Fellow first in order to become a Paul Harris Society member. If you are not already a Paul Harris Fellow, you will become one as soon as you fully fund your PHS pledge. Make your check payable to "The Rotary Foundation" and send it in per the pledge form (see below). When your pledge is fully funded, your PHF will be ordered from the Rotary Foundation and your Paul Harris Society recognition will be prepared by the District.

3) With each $1000 gift you will receive multiple PHF recognition with appropriate PHF pin and stones after your first PHF. You may also name a new Paul Harris Fellow using the recognition points from your account.

4) This is unrestricted giving. All Paul Harris Society gifts are designated for the Annual Programs Fund. 100% of APF dollars go to fund Foundation programs. In three years the Rotary Foundation will return 50% of the District's Annual Giving to the District as District Designated Funds to be used for the Foundation's humanitarian and educational programs by the District Rotary Clubs.

5) All previous personal gifts to the Foundation are counted toward Major Donor recognition. Your pledge of $1000 annually will enable you to become a Major Donor very quickly.

6) A personal gift already made to the Annual Programs Fund this year will count toward your Paul Harris Society membership  For example, if you have already made a $200 gift to the APF this year, you can become a Paul Harris Society member with an additional gift of $800.

7) The Paul Harris Society is an official Rotary Foundation program, but, all administration and recognition is at the District level. A special PHS certificate and pin will be presented to each member when they become a Paul Harris Society member.

We have learned of the Rotary Foundation's good works through its humanitarian and educational programs at our Foundation Seminars. Our gifts make those good works possible. If you have more questions, please let me know. We are eager to answer your questions and receive new Paul Harris Society pledges.

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