Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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District Grants



District  Grants are designed to support the service activities and/or humanitarian endeavors of districts.  A district can request up to 20 percent of its District Designated Funds for a grant that can be used to support multiple projects locally or internationally.



Application Form: Grant Application

A. Your project must be a Rotary project, not a contribution to a project done by someone else;

B. Your club must be qualified by having signed a Memo of Understanding and taken the Grant Management Seminar (25 clubs have done so);

C. Your club must finance 50% of the cost of the project (but if you are a new or small club and this causes cash flow heart-burn submit your application and we will try to work with you to finesse this point);

D. Your project must fall within Rotary's six new areas of focus:

1. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution

2. Disease prevention and treatment

3. Water and sanitation

4. Maternal and child health

5. Basic education and literacy

6. Economic and community development

Remember Economic and Community Development is a broad concept!

E. The money funding these grants comes from clubs who contributed to the Rotary Foundation three years ago and your club's prior level of giving will be a consideration (though the fact that you are a small or new club will be factored in).

F. The project must be completed or underway by December 1 or the District reserves the option to repatriate any grant awarded.

In order to qualify for a district grant you must file a final report on any district grant awarded to your club the prior year. That report is due March 1 of the year after your club applied for and received the award. The final grant report form can be found at this link along with instructions on who to send it to.


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